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Having just recently begun trying out different forms of extracts and means of consumption, I was fortunate to come across the Sweet Lemon Haze CO2 cartridge by Dropscience. The cartridge is 500mg, with a 510 thread-connection, and is full of lovely Sweet Lemon Haze extract at around 68% THC, with a little over one-half percent CBD.

Dropscience has created a cannabis extract cartridge with no additives, but full of flavor and terpenes. I carried this little guy around for a week, casually taking a puff or two in free moments, and it absolutely enhanced every activity(or lack of) that I engaged in. It not only sports the name Super Lemon Haze, but anyone who has familiarity with that fan-favorite sativa will instantly recognize its citrus tones.

The sturdy glass tank will keep your precious oil safe and secure as you go about your day, and is easily hidden for travel or less-than-ideal places. The holidays are coming up fast, after all.

I can’t recommend Dropscience’s specific brand enough, from the quality of the extract to the sophistication of the cartridge itself. Do yourself a favor, and don’t sleep on this brand.


Dropscience & Meta Naturals is a design and cannabis lifestyle brand located in Southern Oregon. Growing cannabis, designing packaging, apparel, snowboarding, skateboarding and enjoying life is what we do. We are fully integrated and grow terpene rich elite cultivars as well as develop our own in-house breeding projects. We are stewards of the land and take great pride in our organic farm and cultivation practices.

Our Head Stash / Connoisseur Grade “Nug Run” CO2 Serums are from peak harvested and slow cured cannabis flowers. We take great care to preserve the cannabis terpenes with our curing and storage process. The flowers are trimmed before extraction to ensure the brightest and most delicious extraction possible. This is not your typical CO2 oil, we only deliver the highest quality products