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Dr. Who Strain Review

The truth is, from time to time, we can’t resist a strain for no better reason than the fact that we love its name. In the lead up to the recent election, for example, we couldn’t resist picking up a bit of Obama Kush just to remember the good times. And the same thing recently happened when we recently stumbled upon an offering of the Dr. Who strain from Geek Farms.

The Whovians among our readership – as fans of the long running British television series are called – may be drawn to the strain for the same reason. It can be difficult to resist a strain that’s named after one’s favorite character under any circumstances, but when one stumbles across these beautiful and potent buds, Dr. Who fandom is certainly not a prerequisite for enjoyment.

The large and leafy buds present a patchwork of deep purples and greens, marbled together and coated with a crust of white trichomes so thick that one’s fingers feel almost sandy after even handling the bud. The fragrance is sharp, with a distinct pepper top note finished with a mild, sweet, and strawlike aroma.
Though the phenotype of the Dr. Who strain can vary – especially the blues and purples, which come out more strongly with a later harvest – the strain is a reliably potent indica dominant hybrid that offers deep relaxation and stress treatment without the excessively heavy sedation and lethargy that many indicas can supply. It reminded us of some Super Sour Skunk that we tasted recently, in that its effects were pronounced when we sat back and leaned into them, but almost invisible as we panted in the cold, climbing to the top of Mt. Tabor. More often than not, we try to sample as many strains as we can, a gram at a time. But this is one that definitely merits another try the next time it crosses our paths. Not recommended for beginners.