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DogHouse Farms has been coming out with some of Oregon and Washington’s most highly demanded strains with runner-up recreational wins in the 2016 DOPE Cup for “Most Potent Flower” and “Best Hybrid Flower” for their crowd pleasing Starkiller, “Best Sativa-Dominant Flower” for their SFV OG Kush, and more recently placing 1st in the Dope Cup Preroll category for their strain Tangieland. Other signature strains include the household name Dogwalker, the munchie generator Scooby Snacks, and top dogs like Grape Hi-Chew and Lemon G.

Dr. Who is another of the trademark strains from the DogHouse Farms collection. Named after the long established BBC sci-fi series, Dr. Who is a compelling cross between the vivacious and cerebrally stimulating sativa Timewreck and the curiously flavorsome indica Mad Scientist. Partnering up with Pacific Northwest-based breeders Homegrown Natural, DogHouse created a uncomparable Dr. Who phenotype.

The most prevalent characteristics of DogHouse’s Dr. Who are the parallels of the smell and look of this this colorful strain. Vibrant purple hued hairs freckled with glittering trichomes match the deep grape aroma that shifts into slight notes of dark chocolate and toffee. Each spongy bud once broken up carries the scent sand and subsoil. Some smokers mention light tinges of acidity like grapefruit, lemon, and tree fruit lingering below the surface flavors.

Dr. Who is an ideal after work or late evening smoke because of its ability to settle even the feistiest of nerves. The indica buzz on this one is just what the doctor ordered, with a little added tingling behind the eyes that’s provided by the Trainwreck. For more heavy handed consumers that prefer an indica that can be enjoyed during the daytime, Dr. Who taken in smaller doses can create a mildly productive mindset accompanied by laidback limbs and an easygoing attitude. This strain is the ultimate time traveling strain and will take users back to the feelings of utopia, as worries, aches, and tense feelings will evaporate without a trace. Take one puff too many and that creeping relaxation that lasts until the sun goes down may cause some to timehop all the way to the couch for a showing their favorite sci-fi flick.  

Photos Courtesy of DogHouse Farms