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Article By: Evan Kaden

Based out of sunny Southern California, Dr. Bronner’s is well-known for its line of hemp-based Castile soaps and other natural products. And with a CEO once quoted as saying that “we’re here to freak the straight world out”, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the company recently promised to donate over $660,000 to marijuana legalization efforts in five different states.

The effort to help legalize weed in the five states poised with ballot measures for adult recreational use of cannabis in November (California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada), isn’t the first cause Dr. Bronner’s has been committed to. They’ve dedicated themselves to “devoting profits to worthwhile causes and charities worldwide”, and stand firmly behind the efforts that “advance positive social change.”

And one of the efforts Dr. Bronner’s stands firmly behind is the legalization of weed. David Bronner, the CEO of Dr. Bronner’s, has a long history of crusading for what he believes in. He’s stood behind the legalization of hemp for years, with one account leading to his arrest in 2012. While protesting marijuana laws in Washington DC, Bronner was arrested for the possession of hemp and blocking means of access.

None of this however, has stopped Bronner from doing what he believes in…and he is using the well-reputed company to make a difference. Dr. Bronner’s plans to join forces with other companies and organizations that stand behind the legalization of marijuana, including the New Approach PAC and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). They will focus their efforts on the five states that have the possibility of legalizing pot in the coming elections.

In an announcement about the decision behind their generous donation, the company is quoted as saying: “The expected sweep of these states will exert enormous pressure on lawmakers to end the racist outdated policy of cannabis prohibition, that shreds productive citizens’ lives and families for no good reason, and focus law enforcement resources instead on actual crime.”

Dr. Bronner’s has long supported cannabis legalization. David Bronner (who has called himself the Cosmic Engagement Officer of the company), gave thousands of dollars to California’s failed 2014 ballot initiative…and doesn’t plan to stop until he sees justice for what he firmly believes in. He recently left the Organic Trade Association (OTA) after disagreeing with their decision regarding GMO labeling in the United States.

Dr. Bronner’s has actually made sizable monetary donations to many different organizations in the past. The $660,000 towards the legalization of marijuana is but one of several contributions made towards causes Dr. Bronner’s stands behind. They gave the Fairness Project $250,000 to help promote the increase of minimum wage in Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and Maine. They also helped bring minimum wage laws up in Washington DC, who will see a $15/hour minimum wage in 2021. The sizeable amount of $100,000 was donated to the Humane Society of the United States to back the Yes 3 Campaign, something that is working to end the confinement of pigs, egg-laying chickens, and veal calves in the state of Massachusetts.

Whatever cause it is that Dr. Bronner’s stands behind, the company is truly dedicated to making a difference. After announcing their decision to donate more than a half million dollars to help legalize marijuana the company said, “Today, Dr. Bronner’s continues its mission and commitment to building an engine for promoting and advancing positive social change. From pioneering USDA certified organic personal care products, to creating Fair Trade projects across the world that ensure fair and just treatment of farmers and workers, to creating a socially responsible workplace here in the U.S., we strive to honor our heritage with progressive business practices, while devoting profits to worthwhile causes and charities worldwide.”

The large donation Dr. Bronner’s recently committed to is another step in their efforts to support what they see as these “worthwhile causes.” Backed by passion for what they believe in and the money to do so, perhaps it’s companies like Dr. Bronner’s that will be what it takes to end outdated policies on marijuana legislation for good. There are many people out there fighting the good fight, from organizations looking to change stoner stereotypes to those putting efforts to educate the public about cannabis safety. Dr. Bronner’s stands at the forefront…looking to bring justice to what many people have been opposing for years.