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Mana Extracts is a craft concentrate company processing high quality medicinal cannabis concentrates that are available throughout Oregon. Mana’s main mission is to provide top of the line concentrates and congruently create quality products that impress an authentic experience on patients and consumers alike. The Mana Extracts team doesn’t believe in supplying anything other than products that exceed standards and expectations.

By hand selecting the most unique cannabis plants to cultivate and harvest, utilizing superlative lab processes, and uncovering contemporary techniques to enhance product quality even further. As a conglomerate of cannabis concentrate connoisseurs influencing the industry with a new norm of reaching beyond the concentrate benchmark, Mana Extracts sets a prime example for the future of the industry. Their gold tier line of products include live resin, shatter, sugar wax, terp sauce, terp sugar, and pull & snap.

Mana Extracts broke out batches of their live resin that took over dispensary shelves over the summer as some of the most affordable high purity concentrates on the market. Their exclusive cut Do Si Dos #9 illustrates the essential characteristics of connoisseur quality concentrates. Do Si Do #9 from Mana Extracts joins the mind melting kush strain Face Off OG with one of the most highly regarded Cookies cuts, OG KushBreath.

Do Si Do #9 live resin has one funky aroma and tests extremely high on the terpene scale at over 11 percent. Like its OG patrenage, big whiffs of sour musk and hops rouse the anticipation of taking the first dab. Sweet notes that smell like spruce trees and turpentine appear when scooping up a crystalized golden colored live resin rock. Do Si Do #9 has a fleeting head rush that fades into an oh-so familiar mellowed out space cadet mode. Daytime users may prefer smaller dab doses of the Do Si Do, as it can be entrancing enough to lead many into a complacent yet cemented state leaving the limbs lethargic. For nightime stoners Do Si Do #9 starts off cerebrally stimulating and helps cast a smirk on the face as they settle in for an entertaining or a lazy evening.

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