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Dixie Brands Inc. has made a formal announcement that its secondary brand, Aceso Wellness, LLC, will be entering into the cannabis and wellness industry with a line of hemp-infused products including dissolvable CBD tablets and and a topical balm. “The products include cannabidiol (CBD) as well as other natural ingredients to promote specific health and wellness benefits,” affirmed in a press release from Dixie Brands, a consumer packaged goods company.

The new line of Fizz CBD tablets from Aceso Wellness resemble the rapid dissolving tablets that quickly disintegrate in a glass of water. Readily available in compact single doses, Fizz tablets come in three different formulas. Calm Fizz Tab designed as a stress reliever alternative, and  is a mixture of lavender, grapefruit and passion flower extracts with full-spectrum hemp oil. Soothe Fizz Tab, a mix of turmeric and bromelain with full-spectrum hemp oil, that Aceso reassures will help users deal with chronic aches and pains. Lastly, Wellness Fizz Tabs are a fusion of vitamins, full-spectrum hemp oil, and capsaicin which helps to bolster energy, wellness, and mood stability. Aceso Wellness’ Soothe Balm is a topical option with broad spectrum hemp oil and lobelia, that can help soothe muscles after a workout session. The Fizz tablets line from Aceso Wellness is another progression in the cannabis industry.

“We believe our CBD products can help bring people’s systems back into balance, and we are looking forward to bringing even more exciting new formulations to market this year,” comments Kurt Forstmann, general manager of Aceso.

“The move towards full legalization of hemp in the U.S. is helping to increase acceptance of CBD products by both consumers and retailers. In 2019, we expect to significantly grow our presence in retail locations, such as natural specialty stores and conventional stores, to complement our existing e-commerce platform,” reports Hilal Tabsh, Aceso’s vice president of marketing and distribution.