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As we’ve recently reported, toilet paper and hand sanitizer aren’t the only goods being hoarded. Dispensaries nationwide have seen their marijuana sales skyrocket during coronavirus related lockdowns, with the size of the average sale increasing significantly.

While we understand the desire to ensure that your greenery supplies don’t run low during these trying times, there may be no need to panic. Across the nation, municipalities are ruling that because dispensaries sell to medical marijuana patients, they are essential services that may continue to operate even as other parts of the city’s retail landscape are forced to close. 

After several confusing reversals of the policy in San Francisco, the city seems to have finally deemed marijuana dispensaries to provide an essential service, the San Francisco Examiner reports. On Wednesday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed tweeted that “Cannabis is a [sic] needed medicine for many San Franciscans and dispensaries are allowed to continue operating.”

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania on Friday, medical marijuana patients were given a boost when the state Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, clarified that medical dispensaries are “life-sustaining”, according to local reports. This comes after Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s order to close all businesses that are not “life-sustaining”, leaving medical marijuana patients confused regarding their ongoing access. The move also loosened purchasing limits and allowed for medical dispensaries in the state to deliver cannabis to patients waiting outside of dispensaries in their cars.

Although Oregon and Washington have yet to see lockdown measures as stringent as those in California and Pennsylvania imposed, if other states are any guide, smokers need not worry. Your herb is likely to remain available. Your Daily Leaf correspondent is currently self-isolating and will limit his cannabis purchases to delivery service. The only problem? His dab rig just broke and he’s still on the hunt for a delivery service that will bring him a new one.

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