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More people every day are deciding to avoid the over-the-counter prescription options, in favor of natural treatments like CBD(cannabidiol). CBD remains a relatively new alternative to address anxiety, and determining the correct CBD tincture dosage can take time and a little experimentation.

How much CBD to take varies from person to person. It takes time and patience to find the right dosage. Many people struggle to determine the correct dosage because there are no official, federal guidelines in place yet. Available information, taken from sources which range from personal experiences posted on social media, to dosages used in the published studies, one can estimate the parameters. On average, it seems that effective CBD dosages fall within the 40 mg to 600 mg range.Before you dose at the higher end of the spectrum, remember that everyone’s needs are different. We recommend following the following guidelines to help you determine how to use CBD oil for anxiety suitable for your body and needs.

1. Start out Low:

Always start with the lowest possible dosage, irrespective of the health issue you are using CBD oil for. This gives your body time to adapt to the cannabinoid, and ensures you are not taking too much right out of the gate.

2. Increase Slowly:

If initially, no effects are noticeable, increase your dosage every few days. It takes time for the compound to build up and affect the endocannabinoid system. Other cannabinoids, such as THC, trigger almost immediate results, but CBD’s effect is much milder. Changes can take a few days to become apparent. Therefore, it’s crucial that you stick with the same dosage for a few days before deciding to increase it.

3. Divide up Larger Doses:

As you increase your dosage, you may find that you suddenly are taking many drops at a time. Although it is safe to take CBD in high doses under most circumstances, it may increase absorption rate and efficacy if you separate the doses, and take smaller amounts throughout the day.

4. Talk to a Doctor:

Although it is always a good idea to speak with a healthcare professional before starting a new medication or supplement, it is especially important when combining CBD oil with other anti-anxiety medications. This is because one of the side effects of CBD oil is that it may increase the potency of other pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, never wean yourself off prescriptions without the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner.After a few weeks, check in with yourself. If the results are not overtly apparent, it may be time to look at other ways to determine if your CBD oil dosage is effective.

Hopefully now you have an idea where to start if you are just discovering the beneficial properties of CBD. We highly recommend Select CBD Tinctures.