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Monday morning Deschutes County commissioners made an across the board decision that new marijuana businesses will not be allowed to operate for business. In order to make more informed decisions in the future, the commissioners also plan to create a committee that will be in charge of reviewing regulations.

“At this time, the county opted out for anybody to have the ability to get a license from OLCC as of Jan. 4 next year,” said Commission Chairman Tony DeBone.

The Bulletin of Bend disclosed that county commissioners unanimously voted to discontinue marijuana businesses. They plan to come back and reexamine the ban will take place in 90 days. The ban pertains to all future businesses as well that are interested in being licensed for marijuana growing, processing, retail sales and wholesaling as well as any medical marijuana operations by the state. It does not affect existing and potential businesses within city limits.

It probably doesn’t come to a big surprise that this isn’t sitting well at all with some who favored the expansion within the marijuana industry, as Oregon voters approved a year ago. Those who seek to move forward with business plans also spoke up and voiced their frustration and disappointment with the interim step.

Commissioners did mention that they don’t plan to opt out forever. Current state law says that it would mean the final decision on fully allowing marijuana businesses would be up to the voters in November 2016. Commissioners also said they don’t want to be the first to go because they are interested in seeing  how Clackamas and Jackson counties proceed when endorsing marijuana land use regulations.