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Established in March 2014, Dave’s Space Cakes is one of the first edible companies in Oregon. By focusing on a single product, Dave’s Space Cakes are made with the goals of consistency and quality.

Founder David McNicoll is a sci-fi fan, and turned that and his love of cannabis edibles into his dream, using the highest quality ingredients available. They’ve been able to produce one of the best-tasting edibles on the market, with the same quality, the same potency, every time.

Dave began his cannabis career as a medical grower before recreational legalization, but wanted to turn his passion for baked goods, sci-fi, and pot into a brand that could reach more than a few patients. He knew he had a really great product to offer, and Dave’s Space Cakes was born.

Dave’s Space Cakes are “America’s Favorite Pot Brownies”. Their flourless chocolate cake bites are a modern day twist on the classic “pot brownie”, available in a variety of unique flavors (Double Chocolate, White-Chocolate Mint, Chai-Hazelnut Crunch, Chipotle Spice, etc.) and endless combinations of a variety of cannabinoids. They make a version of Space Cakes for just about anyone who benefits from utilizing cannabinoids: High Dose THC, Low Dose THC, Indica, Sativa, CBD-Only, and strain-specific options.

The cakes we tried, called Mach 50, are dosed with 50mg THC, and easy to divide into sections for smaller doses. But where’s the fun in that? Pro-tip: Eat one of these guys and go see a movie. You won’t regret it. After 3/4 of a cake, the word “space” came to take on new meanings as the physical form relaxed and nearly melted away into the void of comfort and medicated euphoria. A smile formed and didn’t go away until sleep eventually came calling. But until then, we felt like we were riding on a cloud through the cosmos with Dave himself.

The taste of Dave’s Space Cakes is sublime, and rivals any non-medicated brownie you can find in candy aisles.

By sourcing the best possible local and organic ingredients he could find, Dave has been able to produce a high-quality product that stands out from the competition and brings customers back time, and time again.

Dave’s Space Cakes are highly recommended.

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