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Damian Marley announced today that he will opening a new marijuana dispensary called Stony Hill. In opening his new marijuana dispensary he has established a partnership with Colorado-based dispensary company Tru Cannabis. The new retail space, which opens next Thursday (Sept. 22), will showcase a complete line of marijuana-based retail products, including edibles, extracts and a variety of different strains.

According to Billboard, with Marley getting into the dispensary game, this will be the first time a major music artist has opened a marijuana retail space. “I didn’t know in my lifetime I’d be opening a dispensary,” Marley tells Billboard. “We’ve always been advocates of legalizing marijuana and we always had the hope in our lifetime that we’d be involved in something like this, but I didn’t predict this would happen.”

Damian Marley, 38, is the late Bob Marley‘s youngest son and personally helped develop and test the dispensary’s namesake and signature, Stony Hill, which is also the name of his fourth album due out next year. The name has a special place in Marley’s life.

“Stony Hill is a place in Jamaica I grew up so it has a lot of significance,” Marley says of the area in St. Andrew’s Parish near Kingston.

Even though Marley hasn’t gone into specific detail, the Grammy-winning artist says he has more marijuana business ventures to announce soon and more up his sleeve. In the meantime, Damian Marley plans to host a brand launch party for the dispensary on Sept. 22 at Denver’s Field House.

Stony Hill‘s new single “Nail Pon Cross”  was just released and his new “Road to Stony Hill” fall club tour kicks off today (Sept. 16) at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall.

While Stony Hill obviously has a double meaning, the dispensary’s location may also give the home of the Denver Bronco’s new meaning: Mile High Stadium.

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