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Given the novelty of our legalized marijuana industry, there’s no shortage of awards events these days. But while most awards focus on the cannabis itself, we respect Dope Magazine for recognizing that beyond growers and processors, the cannabis industry relies on retailers, agricultural businesses, and – touching our personal corner of the weed world – technology products as well. We’re excited to announce that for the second year running, The Daily Leaf was recognized for providing Oregon’s best tech product at Dope Magazine’s Oregon Industry awards.

The black tie event brought over 500 guests to Portland’s Leftbank Annex to celebrate the movers and shakers of Oregon’s cannabis community. Portland’s own Kitty Kitty Bang Bang hosted the show, with music accompaniment by the Excellent Gentlemen. Highlights of the show include wins by Yerba Buena for the best indoor grow, Serra Downtown for the best new cannabis store, and Chalice Farms for the best Cannabis Store.

In addition to the industry participants, the event recognized individuals who have supported the cause of legal marijuana from a policy perspective. We’re proud to see Portland’s own Congressman Earl Blumenauer recognized with the Emery Award, Dope Magazine’s award for lifetime achievement. Following Representative Barney Frank’s retirement several years ago, Earl Blumenauer has stepped up and made Portland proud, taking over the mantle of chief Congressional weed advocate. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was also recognized as Person of the Year.
Here at The Daily Leaf, we hustle every day to be sure that we leverage technology to serve Portland area marijuana consumers and businesses. Our mission is to connect buyers and sellers of cannabis, promote the cannabis community, and raise the visibility of brands in the industry. We’re proud that Dope Magazine has now recognized us for our successes, two years running. Watch this space next year: we forecast a threepeat for The Daily Leaf.

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