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ilo™ Vapor revealed their highly anticipated innovation at MJBizCon, showcasing the launch of DabTabs™. Pioneering the progression of dabbing devices and delivery methods, ilo™ Vapor’s patent-pending DabTabs™ are a reinvention of the full spectrum vaporization and dabbing experience. DabTabs™ are portable, precision dosed tablets containing 0.05g (or 1/20th of a gram) of full spectrum concentrate, distillate, or extract, and serve as an advanced vaporizing solution that provides consumers with cleaner, full flavored vaping ventures.

Each DabTab™ offers a delivery method that ensures convenience, while also eliminating concentrate waste, combustion, and potential messes that can occur during the ritualistic dabbing process. DabTabs™ work with most rigs and portable pens for vaporization, further accommodating to the vaping and dabbing demographic. ilo™ Vapor’s sophisticated solution for the conventional dabbing process is congruent with the company mission to consistently design cutting-edge products that produce a matchless vaporization experience.

“We saw a real need for innovation of the actual tools in the delivery devices within the industry. Where the oil is going and how it’s being delivered is important. There’s been a lot of development with delivery devices in the industry aesthetically. Our focus is to design products that further the overall evolution of these delivery devices, which includes looking into the redesign of the interior as well. ” said Michelle Lindars of ilo™ Vapor.

ilo™ Vapor paving the way in modernized vaporization technology, having developed the only vaporization delivery system that self-regulates temperature and authenticates clean full spectrum vaporizing. As the oil from the DabTabs™ is released during the vaporization process, users will receive the true benefits of both cannabinoids and terpenes. Providing concentrate connoisseurs and casual dabbers an enhanced straightforward dabbing alternative, ilo™ Vapor has virtually reinvented cannabis.

DabTabs™ will be sold in 500mg and 1000mg child-resistant containers with 0.5g and 1g packs (ten and twenty 0.5mg doses, respectively.)  DabTabs™ will be available in dispensaries in Oregon in December and in seven states beginning in January 2019.

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