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When the DabTabs™ brand was released at the end of last year, it was clear that the innovators at ilo Vapor™ were concentrated on not only reinventing vaporizer technology, but enhancing the vaporization experience with modernized, sophisticated, user friendly products. The first DabTabsʼ product to be released to the Oregon cannabis market were DabTabs™ dablets. Dablets are an advanced approach towards concentrates, extracts, and CBD consumption. DabTabs dablets are the ideal for new age vaporizing; offering a mess-free, easy to operate, straightforward vaping process for concentrates, extracts, and CBD while preserving the original strain flavor and full spectrum benefits without combustion.  ilo Vapor™ worked with the folks at Shatterizer to develop the Shatterizer Dab Tabs Edition portable vaporizer and their very own exclusive ultra-portable vaporizer named the DabTabs Go™.

The Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer is by far the leader of the vape game and takes the crown for one of the most primo vaporizing experiences I’ve ever had. As someone who’s kind of obsessed with trying out all the new toys, devices, and products coming out of the vaporizer world; the Shatterizer took my expectations and completely demolished any pre-vape assumptions. Designed to blend in as your traditional portable vaporizer, the Shatterizer has a lightweight battery base with an ample amount of power in correlation to the average vaporizer. Other nifty features include specialized battery functions (temperature variations and a preheat setting) and a secret stash compartment for your dablets at the bottom (as seen above). Constucted perfectly for DabTabs dablets and containing custom made DabTabs ceramic coils, this vape pen showcases how easy it is to vape the DabTabs way. The Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer delivers a consistently potent taste with little to no waste or clean up, every single vape session!

Dabbing on the go is next level and ilo’s DabTabs Go™ vaporizer has the ability to acclimate to any environment, occasion, or event while being the very first and only ultra-portable vaporizer specifically designed for DabTabs™ dablets. The DabTabs Go™ is only compatible with ilo’s vari™ battery or high power, button style 510-thread batteries (minimum 1ohm rating). Being able to dab just about anywhere was exactly what ilo Vapor™ had in mind when perfecting the DabTabs Go ultra-portable design. Now it’s so much easier for CBD consumers, vapers, and dabbers alike to vape on the move with DabTabs dablets. Pairing DabTabs dablets with the DabTabs Go™ delivers a precisely dosed dab with a full-flavored terpene profile, full- spectrum elements of the cannabis plant, and a clean fresh vaporizing experience that’s incomparable to classic style cartridges.

Photos Courtesy of DabTabs™ and  ilo Vapor™