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Supercharged Dabs and Extra Potent Joints

Throw back to the days of prohibition where I was lustily admiring weed magazine centerfolds. Now that I can grab top-shelf cannabis up the block on my lunch break, there are still some things I never thought I’d see on shelves. This is the epitome of concentrates, hovering around 99% THC-a this crystalline product is about as pure as it gets.

For those familiar with THC, that’s the cannabinoid in pot that gives us that familiar “stoned” feeling. Mellow, relaxed and free of anxiety. With other terpenes and cannabinoids, the effect can be everything from a rollercoaster of the mind- to couch locking cement shoes. On its own, the THC-a Crystalline offers a heavy, but incredibly clear headed effect that’s the same every time.

Potent and flexible too. You can dab the pulverized Crystalline on its own or sprinkle it in a joint for an extra kick. The heat from the joint will melt and vaporize the crystalline, converting the THC-a into THC. The crystalline is nearly flavorless. We’ve found mixing it with pure terpenes made for an incredibly tasty sorbet that dabbed cleanly and sent us to the moon and back. I’ve tried sprinkling this on bowls and bong loads and rolling it up in everything imaginable. Even dipped our dabs in it and doubled down with a little extra potency.

Non-Psychoactive Benefits

Without heat, this is the same substance found locked in fresh plants, unadulterated tetrahydrocannabinol-acid, and some of the benefits of juicing raw cannabis are available here. It doesn’t get me high, but THC-a is prized for its ability to possibly reduce inflammation and regulate blood pressure. Giving you some of the amazing effects of cannabis without the mind altering associations. Sprinkle pure Crystalline in your smoothie to get your day going before you settle into a busy day of dabbing. Oh, Cannabis is there anything you can’t do?