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Taking the guesswork out of dosing! Each Crispy Cube delivers 5 MG of THC. Stack em up and see how high you can get!

Back in June, The Daily Leaf hosted the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament, and we were able to meet the people behind some exciting new products. One such product on display was Crispy Cubes by Flyt420, a Rice Krispy Treat-esque edible that easily breaks into perfect, 5mg THC cubes.


Reminiscent of the homemade treats that have been loved for generations, Crispy Cubes are a classic reimagined. Presented in eight perfectly cubed portions, each package contains a total of 40 MG of THC – served in individual 5 MG perfectly squared cubes.

Try all four delicious flavors.


Like a pocket shortcake. This Crispy Cube has naturally sweet flavors of real strawberries and blueberries add a fresh, fruity zing to this marshmallow treat!


Crispy goodness with a possibly unreasonable amount of chocolate. It’s chocolate on chocolate with a blend of cocoa and chocolate-infused marshmallow filling. Chocoholics unite – bliss is a Crispy Cube away!


The adult version of the marshmallow classic your grandma made. This Crispy Cube reimagined the original recipe with buttery marshmallow filling and rice mixed into a silky crunch you won’t soon forget.


A colorful whirl of fruity flavors swirled into the classic treat. Forget the pot of gold, the rainbow ends here!




Taking the guesswork out of dosing, each cube delivers 5 MG of THC. Stack em up and see how high you can get!

We create fun stuff! Audacious & inspired – It’s what we live for!

Flyt420 was founded with a mission of creating innovative and delicious cannabis-infused treats that we ourselves would want to enjoy.  Purity, Potency, Flavor & Fun are our cornerstone values. We guarantee consistency and joy in every product using only first-class ingredients.

Precious moments, memorable places….Getting Crispy with The Cube!