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Creswell Oreganics is a Tier 2 cannabis cultivator based in Eugene on 36 acres of a modernized organic cannabis farm. Nothing close to the newbie of the bunch or a novice of the cannabis cultivation world, the Creswell Oreganics crew has 3 decades of shared experience within the industry of both growing and cultivating. Having a front-running flagship staple strain like Crater Kush, the Creswell name continues to be acknowledged as highly esteemed producer of some of the most potent strains on the Oregon shelves. Potency in this case means over 7% terpenes and almost 24% cannabinoids, which equals a conundrum of cerebral and body based effects.

Creswell Organics is responsible for being the creators of the unrivaled strain Crater Kush by crossing with the beloved Obama Kush and the vintage classic White Widow. It’s very noticeable notes come across as earthy, gassy with hints of obama but uplifting effects of white widow. It’s a real crowd pleaser!

The fan favorite from the Creswell Oregnaics farm is the tasty terped out strain Crater Kush. After meticulously cultivating, precise testing, and a bit of trial and error, Crater Kush was created. El presidente Obama Kush stands out in the terpene profile which has notes of citrusy zest, fresh pine, and the signature gassiness of Obama; while the White Widow portion tends to breakdown this hybrid into multifaceted fragments of creativity and elation as stress simmers down and a carefree sensation allows you to kick off your shoes. A heavy hybrid in the greatest sense, Crater Kush may have 50/50 effects during the earlier hours of the day and completely blitz your mind and body during late night smoke sessions. When smoking the trendsetting top shelf Crater Kush it’s guaranteed that users with only experience tantalizing terpenes and a bombshell blazed effects.