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For those who were out celebrating yesterday, there were a huge number of bargain basement deals available. Having recently stocked up on a cheap ounce, your Daily Leaf correspondent wasn’t in the market for much of what was on offer. He did, however, keep his eyes out for high-end deals on some of the city’s best cannabis. The deals on top shelf were more rare than those on commodity-weed, but budtender favorite Archive put several of their premium strains on discount and that’s where we found our 4/20 top pick. Aside from a couple of buds that high-end grower friend slipped into our pocket from his personal stash, this is the best cannabis we’ve smoked over the past several months, hands down. Though the 4/20 special is no longer on, the Cookies & Cream #106 strain is a premium bud that justifies its top dollar price tag.

First of all, this bud positively looks like it got caught in a snow storm. The sugary white trichome coating rivals any we’ve seen. Long and thin amber pistils cover the dark green buds that deepen to blues and purples at the tips. This is beautiful flower. The aroma is sweet and earthy, reminiscent of a Hindu Kush, with finishing notes of mild cheese.
You only have to look at this sugary weed to know that it’s going to be fantastic. The stone comes on slowly but builds to a clean and clear but intense high. This is powerful marijuana, but it’s also an extremely high functioning weed that leaves you clear headed and ready to act. This is highly recommended for moments when you need to get shit done, but just don’t want to mess with sobriety. In fact, despite the fact that your Daily Leaf correspondent is paid money to write words about marijuana, he doesn’t typically indulge in the leaf while writing. But after sipping on this sweet leaf, he was left with sufficient presence of mind to compose the review that you’re reading right now.