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If you picture the person who first told you about CBD oil, the odds are good you’re not imagining someone wearing a suit and tie. And it’s probably a safe bet that a conservative Christian from Georgia isn’t what you have in mind. But as increasing anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of CBD in treating a wide range of conditions mounts, acceptance of the substance as a necessary medicine seems to be growing. ABC News has done an admirable job of covering unexpected advocate for CBD oil, State Representative Allen Peake, a republican from Georgia.

ABC reports that Representative Peake was first introduced to CBD oil when community members came to him for help with expenses needed to move to Colorado, where they could have access to legal CBD. As he became aware of more constituents who struggled to locate the substance, he was instrumental in pushing through Georgia’s medical marijuana law. However, under the law, although registered patients are allowed to possess and use concentrates with less than 5% THC, there is no provision for them to make or buy those concentrates

In order to help constituents access CBD oil, Representative Peake has begun sourcing the substance from out of state and then distributing to patients across the state. And while this operation – particularly sourcing the oil from out of state – is certainly a legal grey area, authorities seem unlikely to prosecute a conservative republican sourcing concentrates with little or no THC. However, because Georgia state law prohibits the sales of CBD oil, Representative Peake funds the oil acquisition out of his own pocket, a cost that he claims adds up to about $100,000 every year.
Stories like this make us optimistic. Thanks to its non psychoactive nature, CBD oil is a useful way to open up minds that might otherwise remain closed to the possibilities of cannabis based medicine. Representative Peak gets today’s official Daily Leaf Gold Star for supplying CBD oil to hundreds of patients across the state of Georgia.