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“Medical cannabis should be treated like any other treatment that saves lives or eases pain and symptoms. In a land of freedom and liberty, that decision is best kept between a doctor and a patient. That is what I believe. That is how I will vote in the Senate. That is how I have voted in the House.”

This from Mo Brooks, a House Republican running for the seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has proven to be aggressively anti-marijuana, medical or otherwise, since taking his post in the Trump administration.

The statement came about during an event where Don Gentile, another GOP candidate for the seat, endorsed him after dropping out of the race due to his wife, Karen’s, diagnosis with a rare form of breast cancer. Gentile made headlines earlier this year after announcing his support for medical marijuana. “Medical cannabis is listed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970,” Gentile is quoted as saying in a statement where he talked about its benefits for people with epilepsy and other ailments. “It is in the same class as heroin and LSD, and that is absurd. I am calling for the FDA and the DEA to immediately reclassify cannabis for medical use and allow the states to decide how to dispense the drug.”

So it’s no small thing when someone like Gentile endorses a former rival for a seat in the Senate. He brought up medical marijuana less than a minute into his remarks, adding, “To my supporters who advocate for the rescheduling of medical cannabis from a class one drug, so that the states can decide how to dispense this medicine, I want to let all of them know that Mo Brooks is in your corner.”

Mo Brooks has been a member of Congress since 2011, and has voted in favor of some, not all, marijuana reform amendments that have hit the floor in that time. However, Brooks stated that he supports state’s rights and stated that “medical treatment decisions are not the federal government’s right to dictate. That decision should be left to state governments, their elected officials, doctors and patients.” Hopefully if he’s elected, he’ll stand by that statement in all the ways Jeff Sessions has not.