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Just two weeks ago, members of the Colorado Springs city council voted to ban cannabis clubs and demanded that any cannabis clubs currently open to shut down within the next eight years.

In response to the vote some of the cannabis clubs stood up and did their best to show how they could be a positive influence within the community.

The owner of The Pothole cannabis club, Steve Pacheco, gathered a group of over 100 people together to clean up Colorado Springs. With the joint effort from the community and as a reward for all their hard work, he gifted a pretty authentic bonus.

Pacheco rolled up 300 joints to hand out and he even offered free lunch to everyone who came out. It was definitely a pretty penny that came directly out of his pocket, but he said it was more than worth it.

Before the community service event he was quoted by The Stoner’s Cookbook, “It’s going to cost me something, but it’s all for a good cause,” Pacheco said.

Police mentioned that as long as recipients are 21 and older and receive no more than the law allows, it wasn’t illegal for the club to hand out free joints. However, they are still not permitted to consume in public.

More than a handful of Colorado Springs cannabis clubs came together to develop a new community service incentive that swaps cleanup services for marijuana. Each volunteer was rewarded with one joint per bag of trash collected around different parts of the city according to

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