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Generally speaking, we find that Portland budtenders are pretty good at giving us the genetic background of the marijuana we buy. Recently, however, we’ve stumbled across a delightful mystery. The Cloud strain has been popping up at many of our favorite dispensaries. None of the budtenders have been able to give us any information as to its lineage and it’s not listed on Leafly. Typically, it’s sold as a hybrid. We picked a gram up for a sample and weren’t disappointed.

Our selection came with several small and highly dense buds. They were lightish sage in color with an abundant dusting of yellow trichomes with ample amber hairs. The fragrance is one of pronounced spice with undertones of dried grass.

Cloud is a knockout. The first time we tried it – post workout, in the hot tub – we were hit so hard that we had to give it a second try, without the all the heat to muddle our minds. Sure enough, even when we approached the Cloud strain under more appropriate test conditions, it still hit hard and heavy. Effects came on rapidly and though the strain is typically sold as a hybrid, we felt a heavier slant in the direction of reactions that we’d typically associate with an indica. The full body sedation doesn’t encourage a lot of movement; the strain can bring on heavy couch lock. But it doesn’t incapacitate the brain, so this might be a better choice for conversation or reading than for a TV sitcom.
Despite that indica leaning body feel, the strain isn’t without some cerebral rush and euphoria. Put more simply, this is some fine cannabis. We’re not sure exactly what its roots are, but if you’re looking for heavy sedation and euphoria without anxiety, this is a top choice for serious users.