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Clementine Strain Review

We had the pleasure of trying out the Clementine Strain by Novik Industries. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a very potent orange scent that is comparable to a bag of large oranges. Clementine is a very impactful Sativa that will have you ready to be productive all day long. We broke this strain down with our office favorite Chill Grinder from our good friends located in Vancouver, Washington. We were going to use the bongs they sent us, be we are at work damnit, we got stuff to do so a joint it is. As we broke this flower down it had me flash back to drinking Orange Julius in the mall many moons ago. Rolling this strain up was delightful, it is very easy to conceal the pungent marijuana smell with this strains orange scent. This is a discrete strain for those of you that care about that type of thing or to keep the nosey Nancy’s out of your business.

So as we ventured outside we decided who cares about smoking this around a corner or somewhere out of the way. We wanted to truly test the orange scent from this flower. We lit this bad boy up as people walked by to see if we could smoke this in a discreet way. It was all wishful thinking, weed is weed when it is smoked so we went around the way because we didn’t want to offend others. As I stated above this strain is uplifting and had us very happy afterwards. We found ourselves to be very productive after consumption (hence our new product review pictures above). Our good friends at Novik keeps us in the loop about all these wonderful strains that they tend to produce, we hope you like our Clementine Strain Review. If you would like to get in touch with these fine folks, you can follow them here:

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