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Written by Sheena Beronio

“We are not banned, and we are indeed open to serve you!”

This is a message you’ll hear whenever you try to dial The Herbery cannabis shop contact number. Amidst the changing cannabis industry due to the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak that continues to grip the world, the cannabis industry remains strong.

Clark County retailers reported sales surge as customers tried to stock up on their cannabis supplies. Apparently, the cannabis industry is going in the opposite direction compared to industries who’ve experienced bankruptcy and operational time cutbacks.

Jim Mullen of The Herbery said, “we’ve had much higher than average sales since last Friday.”

Aside from increased customer traffic, The Herbery sees greater individual sales too. Clark County limits the volume of cannabis purchase per individual, and Mullen said that they’re witnessing customers purchasing in their maximum capacity, within their cannabis volume limit.

Adam Hamide from Main Street Marijuana concludes that the customers are stocking up because they don’t know what will happen next. The result of this notion is quite evident as he sees a 50 percent increase in purchased items from each customer.

Ana Ordaz, aged 27, said that she drove in downtown Vancouver Main Street Marijuana to stock up on her monthly supply of cannabis. She said, “you never know what is going to happen.”

Ordaz has never seen the cannabis store this busy. She said that “the line is usually very fast and quick. Today, there’s a line. I think it’s going to get busier.”

Aside from sales surge, there is also a shift in the type of cannabis that customers prefer to buy. The changes in customer’s purchases as per Hamide varies from one location to another, but for Mullen, the shift points to their edibles.

Precautionary Measures

The Main Street keeps a constant snake-like line of customers these days, but Hamide said that the long line isn’t due to an all-time high in cannabis sales but rather because of people observing the social distancing precaution.

“The line might look like it’s long, but it’s spread out,” said Hamide. He further added that “the actual wait time to get into the store has only been about 10 minutes on average”.

In response to the viral disease, Main Street implemented rules to control customer traffic. The store currently observes a “one in, one out” policy, limiting the number of customers inside to store to 12.

The main street also rolled a red duct tape all over the store’s floors to enforce the 6-foot intervals of social distancing for both customers and workers.

The Herbery, as per Mullen observes similar rules – their stores observe the 6-foot interval social distancing method, limited number of customers inside a store, comprehensive cleaning of exposed surfaces within their stores, PPE on their employees, and more.

Cannabis store owners like Hamide said that they don’t expect the cannabis sales surge phenomenon to continue. Once all possible customers have sufficient cannabis stocks within their homes, the sales would possibly fluctuate.

So far, there aren’t any disruptions on sales and supply chains as per Hamide and Mullen, but you never know what’s going to happen in the market next in this uncertain time.