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“You have to try the grinder that Chill Gear makes, it’s the BEST grinder I’ve ever tried!” Said one Daily Leaf subscriber a few months back. Until that point, we have not heard about the local Vancouver, Washington makers of bongs, pipes, & grinders, but were intrigued to be introduced.

Throughout the few decades of smoking I’ve got under my belt, I’ve had my fair share of grinders. From the legendary Space Case branded product, to the knock-off bought on Saint Marks Street in NYC, to the most recent purchased in my collection from Santa Cruz. We wanted to see where Chill Gear’s grinder stacked up against the rest, so contacted the company to see what they had up their sleeve that was causing a stir in Portland.

Upon getting a sample grinder in, we were very impressed with their grinder. The first thing noticed was the large washer placed on the grinder so there is no metal to metal contact.  One of the biggest things that frustrates me is that eventually you are left with the walls of your grinder getting caked up and the metal to metal contact gets extremely frustrating to maneuver.  Chill Gear stops that in its’ tracks with the implementation of the washer. Chill Gear also makes their grinders with pointed teeth to cut when pushing together instead of smashing like competitors.  This makes the process of grinding your herb super easy. Lastly, there is a rubber foot base, which stylistically we loved and makes for less scratches on your grinder.

So how does it stack up?!?! We’ve got to say it stacks up real well!!!  With the addition of a tool that helps to remove the screen for an easy wash, Chill Gear has put a lot of thought behind their grinders, and all of the pieces the make at that.

Chill Gear is a family owned operation that has the adventurer in mind.  Their pieces are ideal for outdoor activities as they are built to be virtually indestructible. Wether traveling camping, skiing, hiking, biking, or just chilling with your clumsy friends, Chill Gear has a product for you. Their bongs come apart to make transportation and cleaning a breeze, and they are dishwasher and freezer safe.

We know words can only go so far, so we decided to team up with Chill Gear for this Months October giveaway! Two lucky people will win Chill Gear bongs, and other accessories from the company.

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