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Cloud Cover Cannabis’ premier winter strain collection highlights brand new exclusive cuts Do Si Do, 99 Problems, Flo, and Valley Girl, in addition to the highly regarded Wookie Girl ‘91, The White, and the award winner Presidential Kush. The Cloud Cover cultivation team’s expertise in crafting connoisseur-class flower is playing an instrumental role in catering to the high demand for top testing trendsetting strains with original genetic backgrounds. Each cultivar grown in the Cloud Cover conservatory ranks among the top echelon within the Oregon cannabis market.

The head honcho of the hybrid strains from Cloud Cover’s fresh selection is Chem de la Chem. Users will feel on top of the world with this indica dominant hybrid, a cross of long adored Chemdawg and I-95, a complex cut bred from Triangle Kush and a Legend OG X Stardawg IX2 hybrid. Chem de la Chem has a heart-stirring funk that has a smokey and gassy essense with notes of mesquite wood. After a fine grind and upon smoking, Chem de la Chem’s sweet and savory flavors glaze the roof of the mouth with traces of basil mint, lemon tarragon vinaigrette, and cranberries.

Chem De La Chem creates a high that makes the user feel like the top dog sitting on a throne of clouds. A pulverizing drum beat begins to boom in the center of the chest as it vibrates into the shoulders, neck, and shoots through the arms. Through the flowing relaxation, a clear headed cheery feeling emerges that provides a sense of contentment and comfort. Smokers will feel as they’ve received a true taste of being lightheartedly lackadaisical and completely carefree. Chem de la Chem hails as a king of chronic with the ability to send stress to the bottom of the barrel, fight off fatigue, and activate the appetite. Chem de la Chem fits into mid-afternoon and early evening moments because of the calm that is created without the crash that’s associated with many indica strains. Users that enjoy a strong cerebral high that spaces out the body for hours of relaxed entertainment this strain will be a constant stash selection.