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Nightingale Remedies is a highly recognized Oregon based company for creating renown CBD and Hemp infused products in the local cannabis market as well as the wider cannabis industry, and is primarily known for their pharmaceutical grade CBD topicals and creams. Having developed an indelible line of CBD-infused products crafted specifically for pain relief recovery and repair, Nightingale Remedies offers a wide range Hemp-infused items that provide a great amount of therapeutic and health benefits. The CBD based formula Nightingale Remedies creates is infused with hemp derived cannabidiol extract that’s then fortified with over 80 cannabinoids. Anyone challenged by painful ailments and afflictions including CBD seekers, patients, and consumers can benefit and receieve substantial relief by consistently using the Nightingale Remedies CBD oil tinctures and other products that demonstrate potent and efficiency.


The hemp-infused CBD oil tinctures from Nightingale Remedies are fast acting and are considered a “rapid release” style sublingual (applied under the tongue) that will deliver a mass amount of cannabinoid based benefits with accelerated absorption. These peppermint flavored CBD oil tinctures are made up of 500mg of 99% pure CBD isolate and USA grown non-GMO Hemp. Due to the quick digestion, the hemp-infused CBD oil tinctures should induce effects anywhere from 40 minutes to instantaneously. Depending on what was ingested before utilizing the tincture, it may produce more potency.

Other prominent features of Nightingale Remedies’ CBD oil tinctures include a THC free formula that is also clear of any harmful synthetics while also supporting users who deal with regular day to day stressors. Consumers who’re active and need a healthy recovery supplement or people in search of an elixir that provides a more focused sense of calm can count on these tincture as an antidote that only takes a full dropper (20 drops) to do more than the trick.

Photos Courtesy of Nightingale Remedies