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Nightingale Remedies is a well known Oregon based company recognized in the cannabis industry for their pharmaceutical grade CBD topicals and creams. Producing a superlative line of CBD-infused products, Nightingale Remedies offers a wide range CBD-infused items that provide a great amount of therapeutic and health benefits. The CBD based supplements Nightingale Remedies creates are infused with hemp derived cannabidiol extract that’s enriched with over 80 cannabinoids. Patients and consumers looking for physical relief from ailments and conditions have been utilizing Nightingale Remedies CBD Cream that’s been proven to be extremely effective.

Now with the growing demand for CBD rich edibles and other alternatives for medicinal related relief, Nightingale Remedies has released a line of CBD Hemp Gummies that cater to the increased need for cannabidiol based options. Nightingale Remedies Pure CBD Hemp Gummies are a rung above the traditional gummies or gummy bears that many are used to. Doing their best to discover new breakthroughs and medicinal alternatives, their full spectrum organic blend provides maximum strength and responsive relief in comparison to the delayed effects of most edibles.

Nightingale Remedies’ take on the run-of-the-mill gummy bear is an enhanced sugar-coated version infused with premium hemp extract. These delectably divine sour gummies come in an array of tart and tangy flavors and exhibit similarities to candies like Trolli sour gummies and sour Skittles. Nightingale Remedies CBD Hemp Gummies come with 30 servings, giving users a total of 300mg of CBD with a suggested dose of 1-2 gummies a day. With a subtly squishy texture, 10mg of CBD per serving, and a fiercely seasoned flavor profile, each delicious daily dose of these CBD Hemp Gummies are THC free and will help to support sleep, relaxation, and satisfaction. Feel secure switching out the vitamins and supplements for Nightingale Remedies CBD Hemp Gummies.