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A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to take a look at one of the many strains that we’ve recently seen populating Oregon dispensary shelves that pack both THC and CBD into their tasty buds. Our experience was so pleasantly relaxing that we decided to give the category another try when we spotted a good deal at one of our favorite dispensaries. We love Grape Ape, so when the CBD Grape Ape Strain came onto our radar, we were sold.

This CBD Grape Ape grow, from the Family Organic Garden, presents large and leafy buds with low density – an outdoor grow – and very little trichome coating.  The loose buds have an abundance of light amber hairs and the fragrance is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Grape Ape, an abundance of grape with just a hint of sour. If nobody had told us that this was a CBD heavy strain, we wouldn’t have been able to distinguish it from the original by look or smell.

Many CBD heavy strains – even those that are casually referred to as 1:1, a reference to their THC to CBD ratio – have much more CBD than THC, so we were excited to see that this is one of the few strains that packs a CBD punch while having even more THC. The grow tested out at about 6% and 8% respectively.

Our previous CBD heavy review, Blue Shark, surprised us by packing more of a punch that we had bargained for. That may have set our expectations excessively high for this CBD Grape Ape. Did it get us stoned? Yes, but not quite as much as we hoped. Did it bring the anxiety relief promised by CBD strains? Absolutely.
1:1 strains are great for those who want some medicine along with their intoxication, and like the Blue Shark, the CBD Grape Ape strain certainly delivers that. But with potency below that of some of its 1:1 peers, it’s probably best suited to those who are only occasional cannabis consumers. This is good stuff, no doubt, but for heavy users looking to get a buzz, it may be best suited as an appetizer course before a more potent meal.