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This is why there needs to be full legalization – a 69-year-old woman was recently arrested with CBD oil in her purse at Disney’s Magic Kingdom also known as Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Under Florida’s medical cannabis law, patients using CBD oil with 3 percent or higher THC must be listed in the state’s registry. What a silly law.

Hester Burkhalter, of North Carolina, was arrested April 15 for having Select CBD in her purse on Disney World premises. Burkhalter said the oil she had did not contain THC and said she was made to feel like a criminal.

“There’s not words that I can say, in the way I feel that I have been treated. I can’t, you know, I just feel like I haven’t done anything wrong,” she said in an interview with NBC News.

An arrest report shows that an Orange County deputy used a “marijuana presumptive drug test kit” to see if the CBD contained THC. According to the deputy, the test indicated the presence of marijuana.

Burkhalter spent 12 hours in jail and was charged with possession of hashish.

There is a lot of confusion over CBD oil, which is used to help people with pain and seizures. The federal government decriminalized the substance, which typically comes from hemp, but in Florida it’s a controlled substance.

Read these words slowly so you don’t spit coffee on the screen: Possession of CBD oil, even with no THC, is a felony in Florida.

The law will change on July 1 when a bill that Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign will go into effect.

The bill reads, “hemp-derived cannabidiols are not controlled substances.”

Burkhalter’s arrest has Orange County Sheriff John Mina rethinking kits used for testing CBD.

“Moving forward we’re probably going to have our deputies check with a supervisor and our legal advisor and it may be based on that situation a best case scenario to send that off to the lab and file charges at a later date if it comes back positive,” Mina said.