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SPRING BRANCH, Texas — Days before their fitting 4/20 debut, The Smoking Pot Coffee Shop gives us a look at their CBD-infused treats, making it one of the first CBD coffee shops in Houston.

Their name is pretty straightforward, but on 9510 Longpoint Road in Spring Branch, baked has a more literal meaning.

Elizabeth Ann is co-owner of The Modern Primitive and one of several vendors offering CBD creations for customers to purchase.

It’s a passion, that for some sounds more like a science when Ann describes what CBD oil is and how it differs from what’s still considered illegal. 

“You can’t taste the CBD. You don’t smell the CBD. It’s not like the old pot brownies,” said Ann.

While it all stems from the cannabis sativa plant, the biggest difference according to Texas lawmakers is the amount of THC or the psychoactive component found in every product.

If you’re below 0.3 percent THC, you’re considered industrial hemp which was made legal for production after the 2018 Farm Bill signed by President Donald Trump. Once you surpass 0.3 percent, it’s considered marijuana and therefore illegal in Texas.

In everything from the topicals, to the edibles and even the coffee, you’ll find no more than the legal amount of THC. Although shop employee Angela Walling says they’re still working to fight the stigma.

“We explain to everyone, you don’t get the high. You just get the benefit of the plant itself. For most, it’s a calming effect,” said Walling.

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