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First THC-free Cannabis Seeds Distributed in the US

Written by Sheena Beronio The Panakeia seed, a strain that’s high in CBG (cannabigerol) of about 18%, is the first THC-free cannabis that’s poised for distribution in the United States of America(US). The Panakeia seed has been developed by Spain’s Hemp Trading and Universidad Politècnica de Valencia. Hemp Trading is one of Spain’s leading international […]

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Weedmaps Busted Hosting Illegal Cannabis Sales

Internet cannabis platform Weedmaps announced last month that they will no longer host pages for illegal bud retailers, as if you need another reason to download The Daily Leaf app for iPhone or Android. “Weedmaps always has and will continue to advocate for a flourishing, legal cannabis market, and taking action to address social equity […]

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Oregon Landlords Banned from Denying Housing to Those with Cannabis Convictions

Oregon’s lawmakers passed a housing bill that prevents landlords from discriminating against tenants over cannabis. Late last week, the state legislature approved SB 970, which bans landlords from denying housing to renters with prior, minor cannabis convictions. The bill also bans landlords from denying housing or evicting medical marijuana patients who comply with state laws. […]

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