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Pineapple Kush by Happy Bud Farms – Review

Happy Bud Farms is a smaller grower out of Eugene, Oregon, but their Pineapple Kush is big on taste and indica effects. Clocking in at 24% THC, this indica-dominant hybrid is a terrific balance, particularly for those seeking a more sedative effect. However, it isn’t so heavy that you will get couchlock. Unless you smoke […]

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Fuzzy Navel Strain by Ripped City Gardens

Ripped City Gardens is a family-run operation that cultivates high quality cannabis here in Oregon. With a continued focus of providing clean and potent flower that is diversified for all consumers, the team at Ripped City Gardens is at the forefront of pioneering within the Oregon cannabis market. As a part of the craft cannabis […]

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Pamplemousse by Core Gardens

Pamplemousse is another unique strain from Core Gardens that will leave sativa lovers beyond satisfied and indica lovers intrigued. A blend of Cinderella 99 and Grapefruit, Pamplemousse from Core Gardens will turn indica smokers heads on smell and flavor alone. The taste has sharp and tangy grapefruit notes and rich citrusy undertones that linger after […]

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