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BeWonderNugz by BeWonderful

BeWonderful Wellness Center is a boutique dispensary located in the Hollywood District of Portland. Designated as an herb lover’s paradise where consumers are guaranteed to score premium packs of gas, BeWonderful has been bringing the fire plus some remarkably flame strains for just under a year. With a dynamite team of professionals and as one […]

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Do Si Do #9 Live Resin by Mana Extracts

Mana Extracts is a craft concentrate company processing high quality medicinal cannabis concentrates that are available throughout Oregon. Mana’s main mission is to provide top of the line concentrates and congruently create quality products that impress an authentic experience on patients and consumers alike. The Mana Extracts team doesn’t believe in supplying anything other than […]

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Queso Perro by Cloud Cover Cannabis

Cloud Cover Cannabis’ latest batch of fire strains from their winter harvest shines a spotlight on  exclusively released cuts 99 Problems, Flo, and soon to be dropped strain Grape Stomper. With award winning flower under their belt, the Cloud Cover cultivation crew’s repertoire in horticulture  and crafting aficionado style flower is bypassing the concept of […]

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Cinex Live Resin by Botanical Laboratories

Botanical Laboratories has been offering the Oregon cannabis industry high quality cannabis products since 2016. Coined “high clarity creations” after their state of the art concentrates, Botanical Laboratories has been in the business of setting a higher standard on the cannabis products they process and release to the recreational market. You can find Botanical Labs […]

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Sherbet by Best Budz

We scored some exclusive top drawer Best Budz flower recently, partaking in a spring spirited smoke session with The Daily Leaf crew and there is something to be said about the way this premier bud is cultivated. Adopting an aeroponic method to harvest four-star strains, Best Budz grows cannabis plants using absolutely no medium for […]

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8541 by Heroes of the Farm

The Deanz Greenz team prides ourselves on presenting top shelf flower selections from a series of growers and premium producers. One of the hot listers from the Heroes of the Farm family that’s becoming a trademark strain among consumers is 8541.  8541 is a considerably tasty indica-dominant strain with a genetic background from the well-known […]

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