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Velobar 1:1 high protein health bar Review

– Written By Carlen Washington The Velobar is a full flavored 1:1 high protein health bar that serves as a healthier alternative for cannabis consumers. With all natural ingredients combined with a balanced THC and CBD formula, the Velobar delivers an experience any athlete, adventurer, or casual cannabis consumer can enjoy. This great-tasting health bar […]

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Lifestyle Farms – Super Kush

Yet another sexy flower from Lifestyle Farms in Oregon, their Super Kush is certainly one of the best versions of this popular strain we’ve encountered. With a THC content of 16%, it’s not going to peel your scalp back with just a couple of hits, but Super Kush is excellent for joints or bongs, and a fantastic […]

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Hush – Country Fair BHO

If you’re in the market for a shatter that is a treat for the five senses, provides a full-body indica effect, and even a little energy boost and some giddiness from its sativa parentage, look no further than Hush and their Country Fair shatter. Country Fair BHO by Hush is very potent at 71% THC, […]

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Treating Crohn’s with Cannabis

Treating Crohn’s with Cannabis – Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a set of conditions that feature chronic and/or recurring immune response with inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and especially the large intestine. The most common forms are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease sufferers know that their disease is debilitating, but some are not […]

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Shadowbox Farms Rolls Out New Distillate Cartridges

Shadowbox Farms is still producing some of the finest-quality products around, but now they’ve upped their game by introducing new distillate vape cartridges, designed to optimize your vaping experience. These carts were made completely strain specific. The extract is made from their Phylos certified flower using FFE’s unique distillation process, a variation of the Kugelrohr […]

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Nintendo and PlayStation Manufacturers are Making a Dabstick

The cannabis concentrates market has been exploding in recent years due to the increased popularity of dabs and vapes. Now a North American cannabis oil, edible and concentrates producer just announced they’re releasing a line of dab sticks made by the same company that manufactures two of the three biggest gaming consoles on the planet. Game on, dabheads, because the […]

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Cannassentials – Headband #5 Review

Headband #5 from Cannassentials is an Indica dominant hybrid that is rather true to its name.  Many enthusiasts say it gives the sensation of wearing a headband after smoking. Headband #5 delivers a deep high that is not ideal for critical thinking or decision making, as you’ll feel somewhat distant and in your own world. Headband #5 is good for day […]

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2018 Cultivation Classic Winners

As you enter Revolution Hall, you become extremely aware of how many terrific companies and innovative leaders there are in the Oregon cannabis industry. Once cannabis was legalized for Oregonians in 2015, Rep. Earl Blumenauer wanted to showcase Oregon farms and cultivators as the nation’s best place for clean, craft cannabis. This idea became the […]

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