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ResRemover Pipe Cleaner – Review

ResRemover Natural Pipe Cleaner is the world’s first pipe cleaning solution where all you have to do is add water and let it work its magic. Instead of breaking out old school resin remover recipes like isopropyl and sea salt, ResRemover Pipe Cleaner will get the job done without having to find elaborate methods of […]

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DabTabs – Ilo Vapor has Reinvented the Full Spectrum Dabbing Experience

ilo™ Vapor revealed their highly anticipated innovation at MJBizCon, showcasing the launch of DabTabs™. Pioneering the progression of dabbing devices and delivery methods, ilo™ Vapor’s patent-pending DabTabs™ are a reinvention of the full spectrum vaporization and dabbing experience. DabTabs™ are portable, precision dosed tablets containing 0.05g (or 1/20th of a gram) of full spectrum concentrate, distillate, […]

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Harle-Tsu by OM Extracts – Review

Harle-Tsu by OM Extracts is a vape pen containing high CBD(52%) and just a hint of THC(9%). OM Extracts is a Southern Oregon champion of finest-quality cannabis extracts. OM Extracts Mission: Nourish people, enhance our environment, and grow more life by refining Mindful Medicine Rooted in Southern Oregon, OM works exclusively with OM Farms and […]

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Bernie’s Kind Biscuits By She Don’t Know

More and more pet owners are becoming receptive to using cannabis-based products to help their animals with anxiety, arthritis, seizures, cancer and other ailments. Pet-friendly cannabis products in the Oregon cannabis market are few and far in between, giving cannabis consumers that want medicinal alternatives for their pets little to no options. We at The […]

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Potion Vape Cartridges – Blueberry Kush Review

Potion Vape Cartridges are some of the purest and highest-testing distillate cartridges on the Oregon cannabis market. Newbie cannabis consumers are warned: Potion’s Blueberry Kush distillate cartridge is one heavy hitter. Not only does it test high for THC percentage at just over 80%, but Potion’s Blueberry Kush cannabis oil contains 3% CBD providing deep […]

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Yup Bars – Review

One of the awesome products represented at our Fore Twenty Golf Tournament this past June, Yup Bars was certainly a standout with its quality of flavor and the high provided by their quirky little cannabis edibles. Yup Bars are the only all-natural protein bar with 5mg THC and 20mg CBD. All-natural clean ingredients, 12g of protein, no […]

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Airo Pro Vape Pen – Review

Formerly the IndieGo Pro, the Airo Pro is a U.S. Cannabis Cup winner in its class. With 3 times the effective delivery of competing cannabis vaporizers, the Airo Pro Vaporizer Pen is a cutting-edge, top of the line product that any cannabis enthusiast should try, even if you aren’t a big fan of vape cartridges. […]

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Crispy Cubes by Flyt420 – Review

Taking the guesswork out of dosing! Each Crispy Cube delivers 5 MG of THC. Stack em up and see how high you can get! Back in June, The Daily Leaf hosted the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament, and we were able to meet the people behind some exciting new products. One such product on display was […]

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