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Microsoft partners with tech company to enter marijuana industry

It’s been recently confirmed by USA Today, as well as many other reliable sources that Microsoft’s next venture will take place in the booming weed industry. Microsoft announced late last week that it will partner with LA-based marijuana startup Kind on a system for tracking legal cultivation and the sale of marijuana. Kind released a statement affirming that Microsoft will work directly with the […]

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How To Lobby 101

I HAVE GOOD NEWS! Today we’re going to explore how you can shatter the myth of the lazy, unmotivated, forgetful stoner and defend cannabis consumers everywhere. And you can do it while stoned! I also have not-so-good news! It’s going to involve taking time out of your day. Not much, but you are going to have […]

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Marijuana Testing in Oregon

Marijuana Testing in Oregon is vital in determining THC and CBD/CBN levels. Samples can also be tested for pesticide or non-organic substances that may have been introduced during different stages of development.  This allows you to find out just how organic and clean the product that you are buying at a recreational or medical marijuana […]

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