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Arizona Wants Independent Cannabis Testing

An Arizona lawmaker has drafted new legislation that would require medical marijuana products to undergo Independent Cannabis Testing for safety and accurate labeling for the first time in Arizona. State Sen. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu, said he intends to introduce the bill later this week. Unlike most states with medical marijuana programs, Arizona does not establish contaminant […]

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2018 Cultivation Classic Winners

As you enter Revolution Hall, you become extremely aware of how many terrific companies and innovative leaders there are in the Oregon cannabis industry. Once cannabis was legalized for Oregonians in 2015, Rep. Earl Blumenauer wanted to showcase Oregon farms and cultivators as the nation’s best place for clean, craft cannabis. This idea became the […]

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New Regulations For Oregon Hemp Come Down

As of January 5, The Oregon Liquor Control Commission(OLCC) is enacting new rules for hemp regulation. Hemp was previously regulated by The Department of Agriculture. The new law left hemp in a state of limbo from the end of 2017 until today, when the new rules were officially announced. The new state law requires hemp […]

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California Marijuana Laws, We Point Out The Details

California Marijuana Laws – In California, New Year’s Day 2018 brought more than just a hangover and a handful of half-baked resolutions. It brought sweeping change as the state’s much-anticipated Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act fully comes into effect. Passed by voters in November 2016, Proposition 64 legalized recreational cannabis for people 21 […]

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New OLCC Regulations Regarding Transfer for Testing

OLCC Regulations Regarding Transfers – The Oregon Liquor Control Commision has released new guidelines for how producers/processors can legally transfer product to be tested for cups, etc. Bulletin CE2017-16 covers the following issues: Competitions and Promotional Events Competitions and Promotional Events The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been receiving an increase in questions regarding how […]

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Licensed Oregon Recreational Marijuana Shops Now Open

The OLCC approved licenses for 26 recreational marijuana shops on Sept. 30, as well as modified rules regarding state licensee testing requirements and labeling and packaging restrictions. Approved marijuana shops were finally able to open their doors for business and sell recreational marijuana Oct. 1 according to Cannabis Business Times. The OLCC established temporary changes to lab testing rules […]

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Push back on the October 1st deadlines for cannabis testing

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that a marijuana industry group is asking Oregon lawmakers to push back the October 1st deadlines for the state’s new cannabis testing, packaging and labeling rules by at least 30 days, calling the rules more than unbeatable opponent. Last week the Oregon Cannabis Association asked the joint committee that oversees marijuana rules for a time extension in order […]

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