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Klamath and Grant Counties Say No To Recreational Marijuana Businesses

It’s been more than an uphill battle in parts of Eastern Oregon in regards to legalizing recreational marijuana businesses. County commissioners banned marijuana retailers and growers in unincorporated parts of Klamath and Grant counties last year. Klamath Falls medical marijuana dispensary owner, Ed Medina, was right when he said “Right now I would say it’s kind […]

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Deschutes County Reverses Ban on Marijuana Businesses

Breaking: Deschutes County Reverses Ban on Marijuana Businesses This just in via The Oregon Cannabis Association: The Deschutes County Commissioners made an agreement to reverse the opt-out on marijuana businesses in rural Deschutes county. Today the Deschutes Board of County Commissioners unanimously agreed to reverse a regulation banning marijuana businesses and put forth regulations administrating the time, place […]

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DEA plans decision on marijuana rescheduling without hint of which way it will go.

The Unites States Drug Enforcement Administration claims that it intends to make a final decision on whether or not to reclassify marijuana sometime during the first half of this year, as reported by The Huffington Post. According to the Weed Blog, a group of Senators issued a letter late last year insisting that the DEA to research and take […]

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