Category: Vape Illness

Edible Sales Up in Wake of Vape Crisis

Consumers are spending more money on cannabis-infused edibles, suggesting the vape crisis has turned customers toward those in the place of vape products. The first vape-related death was reported in August, and since then edibles sales have climbed steadily in four states while those of vaping products have declined, though the vaporizer market appears to […]

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Medical Customers Win Right to Vape in Massachusetts

The medical cannabis portion of Massachusetts ’s vape ban will be lifted next week by court order unless the Cannabis Control Commission intervenes. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s emergency regulations banning the sale of all vaping products “are very likely invalid” as they relate to medical marijuana patients, said Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins, who ordered […]

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Colorado Targets Three Additives as Search for Vape Illness Cause Continues

In response to the wave of illnesses and death linked to vaping cannabis oil, Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division is taking action. After a hearing Tuesday to decide rules for a ban, the CMED singled out three chemical additives often found in vape oil; Multi-Chain Triglyceride(MCT), Polyethylene Glycol(PG), which is a common laxative, and Vitamin E […]

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