Category: Medicinal Cannabis

Cannaray Offers First UK Cannabis Prescription for Toddler

Written by Sheena Beronio Cannaray, a UK-based medical cannabis company, announced that the first UK cannabis prescription was successfully administered on a toddler named Jorja Emerson, who is a three-year-old British girl with severe epilepsy. This success was made possible through Aphria Inc., one of the world’s leading cannabis companies and Cannaray’s partnership. Aphria has […]

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Canadian Scientists Say Flavonoids Provide Pain Killing Power in Pot

Thanks to Canadian legalization, scientists have discovered how the cannabis plant produces molecules (flavonoids) that are highly effective at tackling pain. The team behind the research hope their findings might one day help us create new painkillers that come without the troublesome side effect of potential addiction. The team, based at the University of Guelph, […]

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Oncology Doctors Think Cannabis Provides Benefits

A University of Colorado Cancer Center study presented at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting 2019 shows that while 73 percent of surveyed oncology providers believe that medical marijuana provides benefits for cancer patients, only 46 percent are comfortable recommending it. Major concerns included uncertain dosing, limited knowledge of available products and […]

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