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Canada Has Weed Shortages After Legalization

Canadians celebrated this week following the official legalization of cannabis in the country, making Canada the second country in the world to do so. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had made legalization of cannabis one of his key campaign promises when running for election back in 2015. Canada is the second country in the world to […]

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Weed Will Soon Be Grown in Outer Space

Scientists interested in cannabis as a subject for pharmaceutical studies may find an unlikely new home for their research into the plant, its byproducts, and biochemistry aboard the International Space Station. Yes, weed is going to space thanks to the work of a small Lexington, Ky.-based startup called Space Tango. The company makes a “clean room” […]

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Congress Denies Veterans Right to Medical Cannabis

Congress Denies Veterans Right to Medical Cannabis – A congressional conference committee negotiating the final details of funding legislation for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has decided against including a Senate-passed provision that would have allowed military veterans to receive medical marijuana recommendations from their government doctors. Under a bill to fund the […]

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Coca-Cola is Considering Cannabis Soda

Coca-Cola has had a longstanding tradition of adding ingredients to make you feel…different. After all, “coca” comes from the coca leaves the company added to its first recipe, and “cola” from the caffeine-rich kola nut that was once an ingredient. These days, you won’t find any traces of cocaine in a tall glass of Coke, but soon you may […]

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Baby Boomers Love Getting High

A new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence on Thursday found that older Americans are increasingly turning to marijuana, particularly for medical purposes. How big is the trend? Twice as many adults aged 50-64 (nine percent) and about seven times as many adults 65 and older (three percent) reported using cannabis in the […]

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Worker Wins in Court After Being Fired for Legal Cannabis Use

A Connecticut woman’s rights under that state’s medical marijuana law were violated when a company refused to hire her on the basis of her legal cannabis use, and a lawsuit seeking damages against her would-be employer may proceed, a federal judge ruled. In 2016, Katelin Noffsinger filed suit against Bride Brook Health and Rehabilitation Center, a federal contractor, […]

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California Pass Bill to Allow Supervised Medical Cannabis in Public School

California schools could soon allow certain students to use medical marijuana on campus. On Monday, state legislators passed a bill that would make it legal for parents to visit school grounds and administer cannabis medication to their children.  According to the Sacramento Bee, Golden State students suffering from epilepsy and other debilitating ailments are currently required […]

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Lawmakers Push to Study Cannabis in Legal States

A bipartisan bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives recently looks to use research to better understand what impact legalizing cannabis is having on various communities. “Our bill would authorize a non-partisan, evidence-based report that analyzes current marijuana policies across the country and their effects on our communities,” said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from […]

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Congressional Bill Could Protect Federal Employees Who Get High

Cannabis is currently illegal at the federal level which means that any federal employees using it are subject to termination, even if they work or reside in a state in which it is legal. The Fairness in Federal Drug Testing Under State Laws Act (H.R. 6589), introduced by Congressman Charlie Crist (D-FL) and co-sponsored by Congressman Drew Ferguson […]

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