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Does Whoopi’s Marijuana Product Line Really Work for Cramps?

Towards the end of March, Whoopi Goldberg officially announced the launch of her medicinal marijuana products for menstrual cramps with Maya Elisabeth, a successful marijuana edible maker in the marijuana industry. The only downside is that Goldberg’s marijuana products are not accessible in many states just quite yet. In an interview with ATTN, Goldberg disclosed what she is doing to […]

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How much does the average marijuana consumer spend a year on weed?

While marijuana legalization and consumption is becoming more widely accepted (especially amongst the younger generation), The Chicago Tribune and The Cannabist say it’s actually the professor-aged cannabis enthusiasts who are the average marijuana consumers. A cannabis intelligence firm, Headset Inc., surveyed around 40,000 legal marijuana purchases that took place in Washington State between September 2014 to July […]

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The Washington Post might change drug policy for employees

Fortune released an article saying that The Washington Post is thinking about shifting gears. On Wednesday it was announced that The Washington Post is considering modifying its current drug policy by no longer testing staff members for marijuana use. Word about the policy shift broke out during an all-staff meeting, and was reported on Twitter by Mike Madden, an editor […]

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