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Colorado Approves Bill for Cannabis Lounges, Mobile Pot Bars

DENVER – State lawmakers have approved a bill allowing customers to consume marijuana at stores with a “hospitality space.” Since legalization in Colorado, supporters of legalized marijuana have fought to allow on-premise consumption of retail marijuana products. The political atmosphere is different now, as Democrats control the Governor’s Office, House and Senate. In order to […]

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Hopes for Vegas Weed Lounges Just Went Up in Smoke

Las Vegas cannabis consumption lounges seemed to be just a around the corner, with the City Council signing off on the venues last month. But now a bill backed by Governor Steve Sisolak (D) that will put a two-year moratorium on licensing the establishments has passed through the Nevada Legislature. Assembly Bill 533 passed the […]

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Washington Students May Use Medical Marijuana

Some minor students require cannabis or its extracts to maintain a functional life, which can be difficult while attending school. But now in Washington, a student who holds a medical marijuana card can now use marijuana products on school grounds. Washington state’s governor signed a bill last month that allows for medical marijuana consumption in […]

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Man Bikes 19,000 Miles While Stoned

Time to put the “lazy stoner” myth to bed, thanks Roger Boyd, who recently cycled 19,000 miles around the world – while stoned. “There are no limits to my daily amounts – of weed or distance,” he observed. The Brit describes himself as “some kind of bike-riding stoner evangelist on a mission to challenge outdated […]

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Florida Ban on Smoking Medical Cannabis Repealed

After gaining access to medical cannabis only to be prohibited from actually smoking it, Florida patients are now allowed to burn their bud for relief. On March 18, 2019, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 186 into law, repealing the ban on smoking medical cannabis. Patients and their doctors now have greater access to administer medical […]

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CBD Coffee Shop Open in Houston

SPRING BRANCH, Texas — Days before their fitting 4/20 debut, The Smoking Pot Coffee Shop gives us a look at their CBD-infused treats, making it one of the first CBD coffee shops in Houston. Their name is pretty straightforward, but on 9510 Longpoint Road in Spring Branch, baked has a more literal meaning. Elizabeth Ann […]

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