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Late country legend Merle Haggard set to have his own marijuana brand

The New York Post reports that the late country-music legend Merle Haggard — who’s infamous for his anti-hippie ballad “Okie from Muskogee” — will soon launch his own line of marijuana. Merle Haggard, whose 1969 tune threw a middle finger up to the country’s drug-fueled counter-culture, had plans to release a brand of high-grade marijuana before he died in April, The […]

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Damian Marley Plans to Open Colorado Weed Dispensary

Damian Marley announced today that he will opening a new marijuana dispensary called Stony Hill. In opening his new marijuana dispensary he has established a partnership with Colorado-based dispensary company Tru Cannabis. The new retail space, which opens next Thursday (Sept. 22), will showcase a complete line of marijuana-based retail products, including edibles, extracts and a variety of different strains. […]

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Lucid Design: Packaging Done Right

This past month one of the hottest topics around the cannabis industry has been the impending rule change that all producers, processors, and retail/medical stores need to comply with OLCC approved packaging and labeling for all products that are on a dispensary shelf starting October 1st.  This rule change, coupled with new product launches in the […]

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Kiva Finally Releases Their New CBD Cannabis Chocolate Bars

Since the release of Kiva Confections‘ THC-infused chocolate covered coffee beans, everyone has been on the edge of their seats while patiently waiting for the newest chocolatey treat for stoners who love edibles. About a week and a half ago, the California based company introduced its new High CBD Chocolate Bars that are made from 100 percent whole plant cannabis. Merry Jane has given […]

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The Daily Leaf Release Pages for Your Favorite Cannabis Brands

As an online platform that creates an easy and simple solution to finding daily deals for cannabis products; The Daily Leaf is devoted to helping consumers discover and stay up to date with local cannabis related deals, news, & events. Our website is also geared towards helping local dispensaries and cannabis brands with the release of their new products, events with promotion, […]

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