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Super Bowl Cannabis Ad Rejected by CBS

A  New York cannabis brand says you will not be seeing their ad during the Super Bowl after CBS rejected the ad, which featured a man from Buffalo. “It’s a very important message that has to get out,” said Gregory Kazmierczak. There are benefits to medical marijuana. At least that’s the message Gregory Kazmierczak hoped […]

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Belushi’s Farm – A Interview With Jim Belushi about Weed, Tupac, and Helping Others

For Jim Belushi, it’s not about the money drawing him into the cannabis industry, rather it’s the power of the plant. From being completely hands-on at his cannabis farm in Medford to his deep involvement in charity work here in Oregon, Belushi is committed to providing quality cannabis products for those that are truly in […]

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Lifestyle Farms – Super Kush

Yet another sexy flower from Lifestyle Farms in Oregon, their Super Kush is certainly one of the best versions of this popular strain we’ve encountered. With a THC content of 16%, it’s not going to peel your scalp back with just a couple of hits, but Super Kush is excellent for joints or bongs, and a fantastic […]

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Hush – Country Fair BHO

If you’re in the market for a shatter that is a treat for the five senses, provides a full-body indica effect, and even a little energy boost and some giddiness from its sativa parentage, look no further than Hush and their Country Fair shatter. Country Fair BHO by Hush is very potent at 71% THC, […]

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Cannassentials – Headband #5 Review

Headband #5 from Cannassentials is an Indica dominant hybrid that is rather true to its name.  Many enthusiasts say it gives the sensation of wearing a headband after smoking. Headband #5 delivers a deep high that is not ideal for critical thinking or decision making, as you’ll feel somewhat distant and in your own world. Headband #5 is good for day […]

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