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A few days ago, we were excited to try out the CanPay marijuana debit payment solution. We registered our account with CanPay, drove to Vancouver, Washington, and gave it a go. We thought everything went well until, a few days later, we got a call from a collection agency informing us that they were unable to access funds from our account.

CanPay fills a key market gap and has designed a clean and easy to use product; we hope it’s able to get past the kind of start-up teething issues that can plague early launches.

When we were contacted by the collection agency, the purpose of the call was not immediately clear. The representative was unable to pronounce the name of the dispensary at which we made the purchase. Because she didn’t tell us it was a CanPay transaction, we struggled to determine what debt was being collected.

We still don’t know what problem was. The collection agency representative promised to link back up with us on Monday to verify our account information.

We immediately emailed CanPay’s PR contact.  She replied promptly, but wasn’t able to provide much information over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

So we get it, CanPay; it’s hard to build a team and you’re outsourcing many ancillary services. But outsourcing services can make quality assurance difficult. When there was a problem with our registration, our first contact should have been from a helpful and friendly CanPay staffer who could explain the problem and help us work through it. Instead, we got a call from a collection agent who didn’t mention the name ‘CanPay’ until we checked the purchase timing and asked if this was a CanPay transaction.

We’re looking forward to wider CanPay adoption, and we’ll post in the future on both our transaction woes and CanPay’s planned expansion to Oregon.


UPDATE (22/28/2016): CanPay has gone over and above the call of duty to reach out to us and ensure that the problem was taken care of. They’ve reversed the charge against our account and had a customer service representative contact us to update our account details. We’ll be back with another CanPay feature to coincide with the company’s upcoming Oregon launch.

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