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CannassentialsCannassentials is busy growing some of the finest bud in Oregon, and the hash made from that flower is definitely worth trying out. Their Purple Snow Bubba is a hybrid, with 41% THC and nearly 3,5% terpenes. This hash is soft and dry, and not difficult to manipulate. Open the unique little jar in which the hash comes, pinch a little corner off, and you’ll be soaring the cosmos in no time.

Based in Eugene, OR, Cannassentials clearly has the lock on this hash game. Perfect for smoking on its own in your hashpipe or topping off your bowl of preferred flower, Purple Snow Bubba is ideal for anyone wanting to branch out from the more common extracts on the market.

Cannassentials are true farmers who work with nature, not store-bought fertilizer. They’ve developed their own proprietary mixes crafted from high quality and sustainable resources such as teas and ferments. Many of these are made on their own organic farm. Cannassentials is working toward creating a closed-loop system to minimize unsustainable outside sources.


Cannassentials says:

The earth is too important to us – NO artificial fertilizers or pesticides are EVER used. This system is called Living Organics, the creation of a symbiotic relationship between the soil, plant, farmer, you and the environment. 

Success is measured by our consistently top notch, award winning cannabis.


Cannassesntials Purple Snow Bubba is processed by Portland Rosin Company:

At PRC we are proud to produce 100% solventless cannabis concentrates locally in Portland OR.  Our mission is simple.  Start with top quality material and deliver the absolute best quality concentrate available.  We are a locally owned business and it is our mission to produce the highest quality cannabis concentrate possible for our customers.

About Clean Green Certification:

“Clean Green Certified is the Only Nationally Recognized Third-Party Certification for Cannabis. The program is currently certifying cannabis farms, processors, dispensaries and retail outlets in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.”