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Headband #5 from Cannassentials is an Indica dominant hybrid that is rather true to its name.  Many enthusiasts say it gives the sensation of wearing a headband after smoking. Headband #5 delivers a deep high that is not ideal for critical thinking or decision making, as you’ll feel somewhat distant and in your own world.
Headband #5 is good for day and evening time medicine for anxiety, insomnia, or aches, but is also fantastic for recreational use.

Headband #5 provides a highly euphoric and uplifting cerebral high and may cause some heavy brain fog. It offers deep relaxation when consumed and can be used as a great sedative.

The high from  Cannassentials‘ Headband #5 rises slowly, with some users reporting that they did not notice effects for up to 20 minutes after consuming. With very little sativa effects, Headband induces a spacey, foggy state that makes it poorly suited to tasks that require focus and mental acuity. In addition to this fogginess, Headband gives users a physically weighty feeling that spreads down through the spine and radiates out to the limbs, comfortably locking them into a supine position. This sensation of couchlock makes Headband #5  ideal for passive activities in comfortable surroundings, like watching movies or listening to music. It could also serve as inspiration for some general creative thinking. The psychedelic sense of disconnection from one’s own body makes Headband a potential aphrodisiac as well.

About Cannassentials:

Grown in controlled environment greenhouses, drenched by the sun’s natural energy in conjunction with supplemented high-intensity lighting, our plants thrive in beyond organic living soil created by probiotic farming methods.

This technique provides our plants with every essential micronutrient elements not found in conventional growing methods. The results are higher quality harvests, more fragrant bouquets and abundant terpene profiles.

We are true farmers, working with nature, not bottles of store-bought fertilizers. We developed our own proprietary mixes, crafted from only the highest quality and sustainable natural ingredients: teas and ferments; many made on our certified organic farm as we work towards creating a closed loop system with minimal unsustainable outside inputs.

The earth is too important to us – NO artificial fertilizers or pesticides are EVER used. This system is called Living Organics, the creation of a symbiotic relationship between the soil, plant, farmer, you and the environment.

Success is measured by our consistently top notch, award winning cannabis.