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By now, most of us stoners have heard of the wide-ranging epidemic called “spice” also known as: K2, spice, incense, etc. It’s portrayed as a product that you burn to put ambiance and enhance the atmosphere in a room but that’s definitely not what most consumers are using it for. Instead of using the product as it’s meant to be used, people are now smoking this stuff instead of actual cannabis. Spice is said to be the best “synthetic cannabis” option on the market for people that want to get stoned but might be on probation or for those that have jobs that do drug screening tests. Unfortunately for the user, spice is extremely bad for a person’s health. What most don’t know is that spice can actually turn people into very unpleasant individuals, even the person who first created spice doesn’t approve what it’s become and the way it’s being used.

Synthetic marijuana is made of dried plants (like oregano or basil) sprayed with a variety of chemicals that when smoked bind to the same brain (and other organ) receptors as does cannabis. Also called synthetic cannabinoids, when inhaled they produce immediate and intense mental effects on the user.

While marijuana is a naturally and organically forming and developing part of the world, spice is still incredibly unstable. The product was inspected and tested by scientists who claim that the ingredients listed and what was actually in the product were different. In fact, most of the ingredients listed weren’t present in the spice at all. It was concluded that the spice is no better than lawn clippings sprayed with a cannabinoid rip off chemical, thats effects on the human body are truly unknown. If that isn’t scary, what is? Cannabis, on the other hand has many proven medical qualities and medicinal benefits. Marijuana continues to supply new ways and uses medicinally.

So what’s the bottom line? This spice phenomenon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It just shouldn’t be smoked, period. This product is already illegal in some states. And rightfully so, as the effect it’s had on people is seriously no joke. Spice and cannabis aren’t even in the same league that’s for sure. Point being, one hurts and one helps.

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