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Laughing Lotus Farms will be getting involved and donating for this years VIP Bus Tour in conjunction with the Sabertooth Micro Fest at Crystal Ballroom.  For tickets, click here

Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Laughing Lotus Farms (LLF) is a collective of patients and growers. Their patients discovers that ingesting medicine in different forms was most helpful for them as opposed to just smoking.  Some patients needed the mellowing effect; ie; to treat insomnia and some patients would need to stay level-headed throughout the day to go to work, but collectively all were looking for pain relief.
Treating each individual patient’s conditions, LLF have developed a line of patient tested products.  They use the whole plant extraction method to make their salves, tinctures & canna-pills.  They grow a variety of sun-grown and indoor organic in-house developed strains and other well-known medical varieties.  Specifically, LLF breed for top medicinal value using Northern Lights #2 as their base. 
By carefully non-decarboxylating the plant, LLF create products high in THCA and other cannabinoids and terpenes, which go missing through the heating process. All of their products are compliance tested for potency and contaminants. 
Want More Info on Laughing Lotus Farms?  Here is their story first hand…
My husband, Ilo has been a cannabis farmer since the 1980’s and was arrested for cultivation in 1989.  He served a year in jail.  After completing his parole in the early 90’s, he went right back to doing what he loves most…growing cannabis.  We started growing for OMMP patients around ’07 and Laughing Lotus Farms was founding 2013.  We started out by making our own worm tea recipes, plan foods and dirt.  The ideal dream though was to have a family dispensary and filed for our dispensary license in April 2014.  After filing and being approved by the State of Oregon, our County Commissioners banned.  Our whole business investment was lost
In September 2015, after the ban was extended a 2nd year, we files a referendum petition to reverse the County’s ban.  The COunty’s ordinance would ban all medical and recreational farms, stores and all State granted licenses.  After 3 months of signature gathering, we were successful in seeing the referendum to the May 2016 ballot.  In total, there were 27 businesses in Klamath Falls that carried the petitions.
It’s been quite an experience going through all of that.  All the while maintaining an outdoor and indoor medical farm, developing our product line (all in house manufactoring, processing, marketing, labeling, packaging, distributing).  We have traveled the State countless times and have worked hard to build rapport with many store owners, PRF’s and budtenders.
We can happily say that we have over 30 stores in Oregon that are carrying our products.  Recently we created a program we call Green Angels.  We make and donate RSO to Stage 4 cancer patients who are low income and have been turned away by dispensaries because they coudn’t afford their much needed medicine.  Budtenders started refferring people to us! The material used to make the RSO is donated by us and other Green Angel growers.  Currently the people on this treatment, after a months are seeing their cancer numbers go down and living past the time their doctors gave them to live.